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About the cafe



Firstly we would like to thank YOU for taking a few minutes to find out more about our little shop!

We are a boutique Espresso & Dessert bar located on Station street in the beautiful bustling town of Seaford, VIC.


Delicious desserts

As a dessert bar, we have a range of something perfect for that sweet tooth of yours.


Best coffee

We know our coffee. We source our beans fresh from Naked Espresso.


Range of Milk

We have full cream, Skinny, Lactose free, Bonsoy, Almond milk, Oat milk and Tiger Nut milk.


Owned by Seaford locals Simon and Shar, we have been working hard to create a modern vibe space for all to enjoy.

We are community focused and are also striving for a minimum waste / circular economy style of business. We aren’t perfect at it, but we are taking as many steps possible to become a true eco friendly business.

Seaford CAFE

Boutique Espresso & Dessert Bar

Without the overwhelmingly large support and encouragement from our family and friends, 18-EightyEight as a brick and morter business would not exist. With our interest combined, we are delighted to bring to Seaford, 18-EightyEight… A place for family, friends, Good coffee and delicious cakes.

The name 18-EightyEight means family.

“For Him, For Me, For Us” .
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Where does the name 18-Eighty eight come from?

It began with an idea, a baby bump and life stresses. Long story Short… Simon and Shars son was born in 2018 and Shar was born in 1988… cross some numbers out…you get 1888.

Short story long… in 2017 , nearing the end of her pregnancy Shar filled the maternity leave boredom with a idea… handmade baby accessories and personalised gifts.

After the birth of their son in 2018, Shar’s mother suffered a heart attack which doctors believed was going to leave her brain damaged or worse. In a desperate attempt to fly to NSW to potentially see her mother for the last time and have their son meet his grandmother for the first time, Shar put her hustle into gear and marketed herself to social media mums groups and within a few days was able to earn enough to purchase 2 plane tickets to see her mother.

18-EightyEights true meaning was born when their son was born. It was created as a way to survive lifes curveballs and to make ends meet. It soon took off and sure enough Simon was pulled into the day to day runnings of their small home business. It was a true family run and owned business now.

As with many business, Covid-19 ruined the party of life. With so many new home business starting up, the market was now flooded. And furthermore, Simon was in hospitality and you guessed it… Covid, lockdowns, sad times.

More then ever FAMILY meant everything to us! We were determined to make it through together and build something for our childrens futures so they hopefully wont have to know the financial struggles we know.

Desserts… What’s on offer?

Are you dairy free, gluten free or vegan? We have something you can eat too!

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seaford dessert bar
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MON – SAT : 5.30 AM – 6.00PM

SUNDAY: 5.30AM – 5.30PM

5 Station St, Seaford VIC 3198